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The art of pottery

Seville is known for its artisan ceramics and pottery industry. The earliest works date from the Neolithic period, although it was in the Muslim era when Sevillian pottery took on its own personality, later enriched by the techniques and formulas of classic styles.

From Triana

The production centre of artistic ceramics is in the district of Triana and began in the Islamic period. The Spanish-Muslim ceramists contributed the glazing techniques to architecture, in facades, sunrooms, baseboards and ceilings. Subsequently, the Mudejar adopted oriental techniques that formed the basis of the local style. They began to make mosaics and tiles, usually painted by hand with popular motifs.

Surprisingly, today many of these ornaments are still the main features on an endless number of our city’s streets, buildings, patios and even small grocery stores or restaurants.

Specialized store

Cerámica Aracena
C/ Sierpes, 36

Cerámica Montalban
C/ Alfarería, 23
955 719 246

La Cartuja de Sevilla
(El Corte Inglés)
+34 955 998 292

FLAMENCO FASHION:Get dressed with art

In Seville, you’ll discover an extensive network of stores where you can buy costumes and accessories linked to the world of flamenco, made with the same care and dedication as they were centuries ago.

Folk Fashion

Did you know that the flamenco dress is the only regional clothing that evolves according to fashion? It is, so to speak, a folk costume that doesn’t renounce glamor, and every year is renewed with the contributions of excellent designers from the flamenco fashion industry. The combination, you’ll see, is absolutely irresistible.

Many people come from all over the world to acquire these costumes and wear them at traditional parties or on special occasions. The general opinion is that the flamenco dress, with its sophistication, visibility, and silhouette, shines like few other dresses can.

The accessories, made to enhance the dress, also have these qualities: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, shawls, shoes, flowers, combs, etc.

Specialized stores

Aurora Gaviño
C/ Blanca de los Rios, 1

Elena Bernal
C/ Sierpes, 59

Micaela Villa
Plaza Jesus de la Pasión, 2
C/ Francos, 21


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